I sing that song!
That old song!
The dirty shoulders, the styrofoam
The great murky black
Uncreamed unsugared
I could write with it
Write the world with it
Right the world with it!
And I will scribble a song sugar sweet and syrupy
I will eat them all
Jelly filled
Cream filled
Joy filled!
The freeway!
The freeways where asylum can be found!
Oh Kalamazoo!
Sins of dirty dishwater
Can be made clean by fried sugar
That is the American night, Jack Kerouac!
We will read our Carl Sandburg until we are sick
Then we will sleep
Unless we are at Fourth Coast
And a man named Vahan is there.

My head will never be right
Because there are too many words stuffed in.
That is alright.
That is all right.

Regret and Titanic

I can safely assume that everyone who is reading this has seen, or at least heard of, Titanic.

Though I did not manage to see it in the theater, I did to see it when it came out on DVD. There were friends of mine that had seen it many times, but to be honest, I can’t remember liking it or disliking it much when I saw it. Beyond the catastrophe scenes, and the scene where Jack draws Rose naked, I can’t remember much of it.

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You Are Not a Superhero

As a kid I loved comic books. Superhero books were my stock and trade. I had the whole nine yards: Iron Man, Spider Man, and a smattering of weird heroes I can barely remember.

Recently, I dug my long boxes out of my parent’s basement. I’ve been out of there for awhile, but I never brought them with me. I was flipping through them and one book in particular caught my eye: a Green Lantern / Green Arrow crossover.

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