Teach It 8-Bit

Hadouken; Ryu and Ken
But how was Chun-Li not your favorite?
I got the time
When I was young I did it right
Keep staring at the screen through the night
Slinging webs shooting dead
Tryin’ all time to keep my head
Trigger finger so itchy
8 hours with Chrono and you feel twitchy
And next Saturday we do it all over again
Ninja Gaiden;
Where the fuck did Steve go?
ADD concentration on the flow
Epilepsy from the flashing lights
A young man’s delight
A epic hero in epic fights
Bob-omb so wrong; how can I pass the level
Why do patterns make me tremble?
Jump with a cape so I can reach the sky
So damn high
The mission gets ugly
But man who doesn’t love me
Some think it’s cute that I’m on a mission
But they don’t know my admissions
Or my desires; how I became a rhymer inspired
Zero gravity so clear to see
Exploiting the potentiality
Reality? Who’s to say?
Play is so much more than pressing
Every second-guessing
Throw the con-troller
Fuck you Sub-Zero
But I pick it back up again
Upend, no is this the end?
Charge the blast, a man recast
Got plate like Iron
I move ions
I got all the armor
Then I get the amor
Right? That’s what’s supposed to happen
At the end of the battlin’?
That’s how I’m balancin’
But still in need an extra life
Impulse to Black Knights
Desolate stage; enemies to smite
That which is that all we need to proceed
From version one to three?
Point one in; maybe true
Is it true to you? Does it make you get through?
Sometimes, you hear a death rattle
But there’s always the next life
All I need is some XP
So I can live these electric lives correctly
An F-Zero hero I drive so quick
Through thin and thick tricks
The time passes like nothing at all
Back has a curve but still I stand tall
Rolling dice never felt so nice
Makes you feel like you could live twice
In a House of the Dead
Four more quarters for an aching head
If you can just shoot that claw
Once more (ah man, dammit all)
Feeling metal sluggish and thuggish
But when you pin-ball like Pete’s you just have to love it
Minibosses racking up my losses
No high scores for my tosses
I suppose this is time for training
Raining; pay no mind
Move to super smashing, mad dashing
Feathered skills with the rhyme impacting
Two out of three feels enough
When your betters best you
Even if they’re just there to test you
The way the rest will always do
Just remember when the rhyme explodes
Life is an Abadox paradox;
That’s why you have to keep firing
Or barring that, give your brain rewiring

That’s why my mind is so eclectic
I found my voice by singing the body electric

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