Asleep in the Sickness

It seems to me that poetry
Is weighed down by profundity
Seriously, this is just words together
Nothing more, but nothing’s better
Whether or not you’re clear in this
You can make worlds delirious
There is no need to be vainglorious
When you realize

What’s in your veins is glorious

And now,
is a something:

I witness visions with precision
My position can stand no division
Not a world riven and then given up
I gave in and was driven up
To the clouds by gods I can see
With no shrouds sky or sea
My aether stitches pull at the switches
Soothing the twitches and bitter missives
I have missed these skies terribly
In the midst with these keys
Opening doors all through chords
Strangest of shores steel from the ore
Thoughts spill with no will
A happy reel a cry shrill
Against the dark I dispense this spark
Land so stark off to the mark
To places far and away
Turning coin faces for my stay
Everything alight in my sight
I feel a new might and I just might
See the idiocy in my prophecies
And the brilliance in the world’s psychology
Ontologically I feel like water
Astrologically I go a bit farther

Deeming all of this dreaming
It is seeming warmth it is beaming
A call over highest of walls
What was, will be, and is not at all
Here I can ride on the highest of tides
In this I bide and now can divine
I don’t have speed, but I don’t need quickness
I float away, asleep in the sickness

I embark to places not known
Like an ark in places unsown
So much in days gone past
Like passion played to repast
Concrete leads to worlds I take
Downbeat breathes into mind-state
Along these roads I hit lay lines
How it bodes depends on how I laid lines
Electric currency embodies me
My certainty is slipping away from be
It jeers at what is so dear
These bits of fear made so clear
The chance that I would lose the way
I can only glance of to better days
Coalescence leads to a sharpness
Luminescence fades to a darkness

Leaving all of this meaning
Doubts bleeding my state of being
I stall just as I scrawl
What was, will be, and what will make you fall
Here I can ride but the ship is untried
Uneven strides in need of those guides
I should have speed but I don’t have quickness
Stutter and stumble, asleep in the sickness

As verse tries grips with the static
I curse and tear rips in the fabric
That slow ship of a fool
Bound for a hell with unrealized tools
The sails rent on the mainstay
Ship’s descent and now astray
Howl at the stars and the moon
Scowl at the rough edges and too-soons
Drumming of gods unseen
Coming of the end of sunbeams
Their cries rise I cannot surmise
My hands my eyes I comprehend lies
Just a corsair spewing out prayers
I have err’d in my chest such despair
Sanity slips there is nary a diction
My mind rips with a dreaded affliction

Deadening all existence teeming
Deafening the silence is screaming
A gust over highest of galls
What was, will be, and what ends it all
I cannot hide ache won’t subside
I cry out and not a thing shines
I don’t have speed, wish I had quickness
I cannot flee what’s asleep in my sickness

This dreaming, as human as breathing
It seems to be part of our beings
A call over our well-built walls
What was, will be, and is not said at all
Here we ride our ships cannot hide
Uneven strides in light of our drives
We all have dreams, of death and of quickness
We’re born and we fade and we sleep in the sickness

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