Read the Proof

Oh no
Here he comes
Not now
All the ifs and hows
Not a sound
Reaches my ears
Through fear
That is choking
Back broken
Old fires
Working in ink
While I sink
In my drink
Let me think!
Just a second here
He’s coming over here
Need another here
I said need another here!
Holy shit looks like he’s going to kill me
String me up and drill me
Bill me
No no keep it on my tab
I still have a tab dammit!
You can’t take that shit
Away from me.
I can still, see Hey, my friend! How-
Listen, just.
Just. Tell.
How many?
How many copies did they sell?
What the hell?
Are you fucking kidding me?
This must be a fucking dream!
That book was my ticket!
The market
I swear
It was there!
It was!
You won’t see me cry you fucker.
You mother
Which is even worse! in my opinion
All the shit I put up with
All the weight I had to lift
And what’s on my back now?
A hundred thousand copies.
Do you hear me?!
A hundred thousand copies!
And nobody wants to read it.
Much less
Buy it.

Fuck, this is strong stuff.
I can’t drink it anymore.

But there’s nothing else to drink

Not around here
Not around me

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