I Would Prefer to Continue to Receive the Nebulous Thing


Please forgive the presumptions of my last letter
and accept my thanks for your kind regard.
I would prefer it,
if it is all the same to yourself,
that I would continue to receive the Nebulous Thing.
It very much brightens my day to attend to the Thing.
In addition
I always look forward to
its arrival in the post.
I daresay it is, at times,
the high-light of my week.
My days are made ever the more brighter
and my life improved greatly
by its presence.
A fear smolders in my breast,
as a hot coal,
that were I no longer its recipient
I would fall into a great, dreary melancholy
from which I would never return.
In which case you see fit not to send
the Nebulous Thing
I would humbly request
that another Nebulous Thing
be sent in its place.
I know that your are not a disagreeable man
On the contrary,
I have heard you are a gentleman
of good standing
in a number of civic institutions
whose influence
is only outshorne by your generosity
and depth of spirit.
I too am a man of the battlefield
and have spent my days in service to Britannia
as you have.
Though I fear my exploits have been
forgotten to the public at large
I shall forever be a servant of my country
and were the opportunity to allow it
I would be your grateful servant as well,
Please grant me knowledge of your course of action,
regardless of what it may be,
so that I may properly prepare
for its dire
or joyful

With Deepest Hopes,
Mr. John Falderal

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