Down, Down, Down in Kalamazoo

Written in the basement of the Kalamazoo Public Library

9 miles left of freeway
I’ve not a drop to spare
By muscle or by piston
I’ll sure as shit get there!
Paid up all my bills
Squared the deeds, made my will

I’m goin’ down, down, down
To Kalamazoo
Down down town to Kalamazoo

I’ve no need for big shoulders
Don’t need no city of lights
I don’t have far to go my friend
To seek out my delight
I have followed that river
Soaked to hell, I shall not shiver

Down down down In Kalamazoo
Down down town to Kalamazoo

I will watch the markets here
Won’t make a fucking dime
Her tattoo says ‘Endurance’
And isn’t that just fine?
The room and world, they may spin
My spirits rise above the din

Down down down in Kalamazoo
Falling up
Up and down, in Kalamazoo

They told us all to seek that city on the hill
Until they deign to send it down
In this place I’ll get my fill
Because what’s the point of living
If you do no thing that needs forgiving?

Down, down, down in Kalamazoo
And isn’t that just right?
Oh, Kalamazoo

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