Thank You Very Much Champaign, Illinois…

Lady of the Evenin’, or Mistress of the Night
I can’t decide to run and hide
Now or never, fight or flight
She’s wearing black and cape that’s wide
A shroud of shining steel
She might burn you with cigarettes
But I guess that’s the appeal…


Psudo-Gothic Prostitue
Standing on the corner
Of the coffee shop
Oh thanks a lot
I’m never coming here to shop
It’s a bore
Surely not exciting
That furrowed glare you’re giving me is surely not inviting

Reading Camus in sweetest French
I’m not sitting on the fence
I think I’d pay a dime or two
A penny more than Mike La…
Do you know?
Where to go?
Where I can see that special show?
The studs and skulls are a nice touch
If I may be so bold


You’re thinking now I’ve got Tourette’s
Can I bum a cloven cigarette?
I just finished the Idiot
Could you help me understand…
It’s what I think
My heart will sink
Were you now to burn me
I’ve every Bauhaus album girl
Oh bitte sehr don’t spurn me


Now I’m sick and lonely
Though no one does own me
I’m walking down this smelly street
I know just where to take my…
Feet are fleet
I won’t be beat
I’m off to Merry Ann’s
Better wash this makeup off
And try my luck at Kam’s


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